Our Maiden Voyage Part Two

So here we were, in the well-appointed bar at Kings Cross Station. I perused the menu trying to remember fries were chips here and chips were crisps and bangers were sausages and the pound was equal to 1.7 dollars. Which meant the bangers and mash meal cost 12 x 1.7…sigh! never-mind. I was too tired and excited to worry about it all. I ordered a curry, declined an adult beverage on account that I wanted to keep my wits about me when I met my mother in law. We set about consuming our chosen meals while plotting our train route

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Our Maiden Voyage

∗Less than 5 minute read. Every relationship has milestones. Like the first time you spend the night at your boyfriends/girlfriends place, or when you decide to move in together or even the first time you fart in front of your partner. All these milestones usually signify a progression in the relationship. Moving, for example, presents a lot of challenges and stressful situations. Everything from all the planning necessary to the physical effort and team work needed to make it work. These situations can expose a flawed relationship like a referee on a foul play. Traveling together, I feel, is one

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