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Untitled Poem By Brad Bohannon

What would the world be like if it wasn’t about the turn up,

but we focused on the people with their guns up.

We focused on bringing the peace,

and help our people put their minds at ease.

Instead we got people plottin’ to be refugees,

because they’re scared of what’s going on in the streets.

What if there were no selfies,

that’s all derived from insecurities.

We took the focus off of our vanity,

instead offered love and serenity.

No concerns about your nationality,

does it really matter,

NO cuz all lives matter.

This world has got me in tears,

all I see is people walking around full of fears.

We got people in office that are trying to keep us off the topics,

poisoning our minds and filling us full of toxins.

But you see it’s not just about one person,

it’s about us coming together as a unison.

WE can change the hate….if we all loved one another…wouldn’t that be great?


Copy Right © Brad Bohannon 2017