A month by month look at Trump’s first year in office Part 1: The First Six Months
Image of the president that went viral (shared over 400k times) when it was purported that Trump did not like it. The image, like the claim, were manufactured. Photo courtesy of Vic Berger

A month by month look at Trump’s first year in office Part 1: The First Six Months

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When we started twosidedcoin.org our intention was to not only share our experiences but also provide a platform for social commentary on all aspects of life. My next series shines the spot light on one of the most talked about men of 2018, our president Donald Trump. With the help of my trusted periodicals∗, I have compiled a month by month diary starting from his inauguration. I have kept my commentary to a minimal and just tried to itemize the facts. Although, truth be told, in some cases I simply could not help expostulating. Here we go!


Trump is elected President of the United States of the America. He vows to put “America First”. Following his poorly attended inauguration, widespread protests erupt. Meanwhile allegations emerge alleging that  Mr. Trump had Russian help on his road to victory. He denies any collusion with Russia in helping him win calling it “fake news”.

Anti-Trump protests in Washington DC.


Amid mounting evidence uncovered by the media that Trump did indeed receive help from Russia, the president tweets that mainstream media is “the enemy of the American People.”

It later comes to light that Trump’s National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn had discussed a deal with Russia and lied about it. Gen. Flynn resigns in light of the new evidence. Considering that Russia does not have America’s best interest in mind, what does that say about their support for Mr. Trump?


As the FBI continue to investigate the alleged collusion between Trump and Russia, the president tries to deflect attention from the issue by claiming the Former President Obama wiretapped Trump Towers. He tweets that Obama “had my wires tapped in Trump Tower just before my victory…Bad (or sick) guy!” FBI Director addressing congress says that there is “no evidence” of the allegation.

A Bill to repeal the Affordable Care  Act is withdrawn by Speaker of the house Paul Ryan due to lack of support from both sides. One of Trump’s promises during his campaign was to repeal the Act on “Day One”. This was either a blatant lie, for he should have known that repealing an act is not done over night, or a promise made out of sheer ignorance of how government works.


Trump orders a cruise missile strike after receiving reports that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had unleashed a nerve-gas attack on civilians in his country killing 80 people.

President Trump pulls out of the Paris Accord whose members pledge to reduce carbon emissions saying that he represents the “…citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” A move that is widely seen to favor the big corporations that would benefit from less carbon emission restrictions.


As the investigation into the Russian collusion allegations heats up, Trump fires the FBI director James Comey in what is seen as an obvious obstruction of justice move. Trump all but admits to the obstruction by admitting to NBC’s Lester Holt that Comey was fired over the “this Russian thing”. He goes on to refer to Comey as a“nut job” when talking to Russian officials and says that firing him has taken pressure off. Another blatant admission of obstruction of justice. The investigation does not relent as the Attorney General appoints former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to the investigation.

Meanwhile the GOP health care Bill finds some success in the House of representatives but is yet to pass the senate. During the subsequent celebration of this victory President Trump asks his Staff “I’m the President, can you believe that?”


House Majority Whip is seriously wounded by a gunman who opens fire as GOP members are practicing for an annual congressional baseball game. Five people are wounded before police shoot and kill the gunman.

Meanwhile, Comey testifies in a congressional hearing that Trump had asked for his “loyalty” and asked him to drop the Russia collusion investigation. Trump turned to twitter, like he usually does, to respond to the testimony saying “you are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history.”

Next week, the witch hunt continues. Don’t miss it, it will be a rollercoaster.

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